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How to create a account

You need to create a account to sign into USAJOBS and access your profile information. Your old USAJOBS username and password won't work anymore.

You need to:

  1. Create a account—you only need to do this once.
  2. Enter an email address - use the same email address you use for USAJOBS (your primary or secondary email address), if you have an existing profile with us.
  3. Create a new password.
  4. Select your first method of authentication—having another way to sign in keeps your account more secure than using only a password. You can choose between text messages, phone calls, an authentication application, a security key, or backup codes. Government employees can also use their PIV card or CAC.
  5. Select a backup method of authentication—you need to select a backup method, in case you don't have access to your first choice (for example you don't have access to your phone).

Once you create a account, you'll come back to USAJOBS to link to your existing profile, or create a new profile if you don't have one. You only need to create your account and link it once. Get step by step instructions on creating an account at

If you have limited access to a phone or cell service, you can set up an authentication app or use a free text messaging app.

Do I have to create a account every time I want to sign into USAJOBS?

No. You only need to create a account and link it to your USAJOBS profile once. Once that's done, you use the same email address and password, plus one of the two-factor authentication methods you set up, every time you sign into USAJOBS.

Create your account.

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What is and why do I have to create an account?

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