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Appointment types

The Federal Government offers various types of federal employment to suit the different needs of a diverse and dynamic workforce. Searching for the type of employment that is right for you is easy on USAJOBS.


A job with multiple appointment types usually means there is more than one position that can be filled and the appointment types may vary.


Permanent appointments have no set time-limit. A job that is not a temporary or time-limited appointment.


Temporary appointments have a set time-limit and include the following:

  • Detail – A temporary assignment to another job. You must be a current federal employee to apply to detail jobs.
  • Intermittent - Occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady.
  • Term – A job that may last one to four years. Term appointments may be used for project work, extraordinary workload, scheduled cancellation of a position, reorganization, uncertainty of future funding, or contracting out of the function.
  • Temporary – A job that will last no longer than one year.
  • Seasonal – An annually recurring job that may last six months or more in one year.
  • Summer – A job available during the summer months and is usually for students.


  • Internship – A job for current students (paid and unpaid) to learn about federal careers while remaining in school.
  • Recent graduate – A job for recent graduates seeking a career development program.
  • Presidential Management Fellows - This is a leadership development program accepting entry level advanced degree candidates in the Fall of each year.

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